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John Mueller's Winter Dance Party Photos

John's brother George, John and
Dominic Mazzone at the Hotel Hunt in Montevideo, MN.
Buddy Holly stayed here during
the Winter Dance Party Tour in 1959

John with Joan and Judy Bender, "the Bender Twins."
Photo taken 40 years to the day when they posed with
Buddy, Bopper and Ritchie for
the famous shots taken by Larry Matti

(l to r) Ken Loveland, Ernie Valens, John Mueller,
Robert Reynolds (The Mavericks) and Jack Leaver
backstage at the Col Ballroom

John in the Duluth MN Armory-Dressing Room
that Buddy Holly used

John Mueller with brother George in the background,
rocking up the Winter Dance Party

Dominic Mazzone and John Mueller
with two young rock 'n rollers