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John and brother George with
the legendary Magic Slim at the Zoo Bar in Lincoln Nebraska
after they performed there

John Mueller singing the National Anthem
at a San Diego Padres game.
"I felt naked without a guitar!"

John in front of his old stomping grounds, across the street
from his high school, North High in Wichita, Kansas
- Keep on flipping 'em Nola!

Your Buddy John rocking with one cool cat
Niki Sullivan

What a handsome bunch!
Stuart Johnson, Niki Sullivan, Dominic Mazzone,
and John Mueller after opening night for
Buddy . . . The Buddy Holly Story
San Diego, summer 1997

Backstage with the Crickets
(l to r) Glen Hardin, Jerry Allison, John Mueller,
Joe B. Mauldin and Sonny Curtis

Winter Dance Party Photos!