Welcome to My Rock 'n Roll Journal

    In these pages you'll find photos and documentaries of some of my travels, tours and concerts. Enjoy, and rave on!

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My Trip to England!

    A month of great shows to packed houses, great people and new friends!

The Lubbock Journals

    Five days in Lubbock, Texas: The Fiesta del Llano and my honor of meeting the Holley family.

The Lubbock Journals - 2001

    A return to Lubbock for fun, music, and great people!

Winter Dance Party Tour 2000!

    Following the trail of Buddy Holly, the WDP Band and I rocked our way through the midwest!


    Great shots from our tours and concerts over the years!

Raves and Reviews!

    Press clippings, awards, and other neat stuff.

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