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a small sample

February, 1999:  John Mueller receives the
Key to the City of Greenbay, Wisconsin
during the Winter Dance Party Tour of 1999

"John Mueller is living proof that Buddy Holly's legacy will live on . . . "  "Chief among the productionís virtues is an unaffected performance by John Mueller as the Texas songwriter . . . "  "This musical Rocks with the charismatic John Mueller in the title role." 
L.A. Times
"Mueller, his music brings Buddy back to us."  "[Niki Sullivan] . . . has nothing but praise for John Mueller . . ."
"Throughout, John Mueller is Buddy Holly.  In song after song, he sounds exactly like Holly.  Even more to the point, he behaves like Holly." The Reader

"Mueller is superb as Holly, he not only looks like him, but plays guitar and sings like hom too."  Backstage West

"Mueller delivers a socko performance."  Liberty Tribune

"Mueller was so incredible as Holly that I felt for a time that I was, somehow, magically transported to a Buddy Holly concert.  What fun!"

Wichita Olde Towne Gazette
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