Day Four, September 14th, 2000

We're all supposed to leave today, but I decide to stick around an extra day. I'm exhausted and I just want to sleep for a bit. George takes a few guys to the airport early, while I am dead to the world. When he gets back he professes a desire to scour Lubbock's thrift stores (this is a normal occurrence for George), and I agree to go along. He finds a "Lubbock High Choir" T-shirt for fifty cents and can't resist the souvenir. Time passes quickly, and I take George to the airport. I'm the only one left and take a needed nap.

An hour later I call Bill Griggs and am just wanting to visit one last time and he says, "come on over." Bill is a fun guy to hang out with and again we shoot the bull in his office. We then head to the "Hi-D-Ho" for some burgers and fries.

The Hi-D-Ho is an old style burger house. It's said that Buddy supposedly played music on the roof here during his teens. The original building is no longer around, but this one is an exact replica, owned by Shannon Hughes. He keeps some great photos of Buddy and old Hi-D-Ho employees inside on display. Shannon buys us lunch. Thanks! I recommend the Cherry Lime soda.

After lunch we head back to Bill's office and my cell phone rings. It's Travis Holley! He said he tried coming by my hotel, but I wasn't there. He asks where I was. I tell him Bill's address and Travis says he'll be right over. Ten minutes pass and Travis shows up and sits down for a spell, talking to Bill and me. He's pretty animated and is cracking some good jokes. He tells me he has a guitar in his Jeep that he made that he'd like me to hear.

I knew Travis was making guitars and had asked if I could see and hear one. It sounds great and has a lot of neat inlays on it---a treasure for sure. He said this one was his first effort and that he's doing better work now. I tell him I'm sold and that I'd like one made for me if he has the time. He said he does and asks me for some details on what I wanted on my new, to be created, Holley guitar. I tell him to take his time as there's no rush but inside I'm thinking I can't wait to play it!

Travis has to get home for dinner and leaves. I follow him out to his Jeep and tell him again how glad I am to have met him and the other Holley's. He tells me he'll be in touch. I sure hope so.

I get back into Bills office and he informs that he's never in 20 years seen Travis so relaxed and open before. "He must really like you, John." Well, I really like him and all the Holleys. Super people.

Bill and I spend an evening out for dinner in the depot district which is Lubbock's nightlife section. We're both kinda tired and after eating we call it a night. I know this is the last time I'll see Bill on this trip and thank him for his time and generosity. He really gave me the inside scoop on everything.


The Lubbock Journals